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Period appropriate doors and windows are a must for a historic home. Doors have much detail that can contribute or detract from the character your home, so you want to ensure that they are period and style appropriate. I have researched historic architecture so that I can easily choose the best door for your home. Security is also a major consideration so the doors that I use are sturdy and sound.

I find that most the people living in houses with old windows have never experienced them working the way they were intended. Here in Tampa, windows often fall prey to termites. They get painted closed. Their weight systems fail. The windows shake, rattle, stick, fall, don’t lock, don’t open, don’t close, and are drafty. These problems are not because of design; it’s because of lack of maintenance for decades.


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Wood Window Restoration in Tampa, FL

Porch Restoration

Restoration is an environmentally friendly approach to achieving energy efficiency. By restoring your windows, you will increase their energy efficiency, reducing your use and cost of fuel, and at the same time preserve the character of your house. Restoration will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Restoration is a superior alternative to replacement.

Once your windows are operational, you will want to have window screens. We replicate the look of vintage screens, giving your home that final touch of authenticity.

I can also replace your windows with new, energy efficient ones, that have much of the look of the original.

Our restoration will make your windows open and close smoothly and with minimal effort, improve their energy efficiency and reduce noise pollution.

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