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Your porch is the grand entrance to your home. It announces to the world that your home is beautiful, well cared for and welcoming.

Many porches here in Tampa Bay have been closed in to increase living space. Such “remuddling” may accomplish that goal but turning a porch into a room generally throws off the flow of the home’s interior while degrading the appearance of the exterior. Usually, these enclosures were done without permits by non-professionals resulting in substandard and possibly unsafe work. Often, porches have suffered water and pest damage. Porch columns can weaken, causing the roof to sag. The floor can become rotten and a danger to those entering the house. Porch railings can fail.

I can reopen your closed-in porch. A porch is one of the prime features sought by buyers of historic homes, so the value of the lost square footage is often more than made up for by the huge increase in curb appeal. I can repair or replace your porch’s original features, recapturing the warm and welcoming historic first impression of your house.

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